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Traveler III

Din octombrie apare editia de toamna-iarna a NGT.

Cover 1_TRAVELER_Slovenia 2.indd

Principalele reportaje din acest numar, mai jos.


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10 Responses to “Traveler III”

  1. What a wonderful cover, Cata!
    I love your cover lines, too. Ce inseamne ‘demne de calendare’? Forgotten by time?
    Cu drag din Amsterdam

    Posted by Pancras | 29/09/2009, 10:56
    • Hi Pancras,
      Thank you, you’re to kind, as usual:)
      literaly it means ” calendar-like”
      in a very loose translation, it means “very beautiful”:)

      Posted by Catalin Gruia | 29/09/2009, 14:01
  2. I see. ‘Demne de puzzle’ may have been just as appropiate, as it looks just like a jigsaw to me. Lovely!

    Posted by Pancras | 30/09/2009, 10:00
    • excelent idea!
      I’m asking you again and for the last time: why don’t come for us? I promise you’ll have no less than half the money you earn at NG Holland but twice as much fun!!!:)

      Posted by Catalin Gruia | 01/10/2009, 13:23
  3. Great, I will start next Monday! Nu vreau salariu. Just the travel expenses covered please.

    Posted by Pancras | 02/10/2009, 12:57
  4. cum as putea intra in posesia primelor doua editii ale revistei Traveler

    Posted by Calin | 15/01/2010, 12:13
    • Draga Calin,
      dupa stirea mea, primele doua numere au avut mare succes si tirajul s-a epuizat. N-as putea sa-ti spun de unde sa faci rost. In mod cer noi nu mai avem.

      Posted by Catalin Gruia | 18/01/2010, 12:56
  5. multumesc frumos de raspuns. sper ca vreodata sa intru si eu cumva in posesia lor. o zi frumoasa!

    Posted by Calin | 19/01/2010, 10:40
  6. As putea sa intru in posesia articolului despre Cuba?l-am recomandat cuiva din Canada,dar nu am cum sa trimit revista .

    Posted by Julia | 06/04/2010, 19:51

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