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Barometru de instabilitate ideologica

Barometru de instabilitate ideologica

What About Dracula? Romania’s Schizophrenic Dilemma

A distinguished and slightly bored gentleman, with short white hair and heavy rimmed glasses stood in the crowd waiting in the arrivals terminal at Henri Coanda International Airport in Otopeni. Speaking perfect English with a Bela Lugosi twang, Nicolae Paduraru, former chair of the Transylvanian Society of Dracula (TSD), smiled when he caught sight of […]

Ceausescu 101

Adulated for all of his 24 years in power, during which he came to personify Romania, Romanian communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu – dethroned and replaced by some of his former barons – was turned into a scapegoat for all the evils done to Romanians. But the question remains: Between these two extremes, who was the real Nicolae Ceausescu?